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10 tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant

Do you know what needs to be done, but don’t have the time to do it all?


Having an extra set of hands to help you out in your business can be very useful for a business owner. It will save you hours in your work week and allow you to have more free time to spend on the tasks that grow your business or with loved ones.  Delegating can be tricky for those starting or growing their business but having the right support can mean the difference between growth & hitting a plateau in your business!


Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 tasks (that can take hours out of your day) that you can outsource to a VA:


  1. Email management

This means giving the VA access to your email inbox so that they can remove spam or junk mail, file and organise your emails and flag those that you need to respond to. You can also ask your VA to write draft replies to your emails that you can simply check and approve later in the day before asking her to send them out.

  1. Bookkeeping

Delegating this to a qualified  VA can free up a lot of your time.  

  1.  Social media scheduling

Scheduling content is a tedious task for a business owner, but your VA will happily schedule this for you. If your content is organized, but you simply don’t have three hours to schedule your posts for the month, then outsource this task to a virtual assistant.

  1.  Transcription

Whether you are dictating a book or want to turn your Facebook Live into an eBook, freebie or giveaway you need someone to help you transcribe this into a text document. Once transcribed, you can tweak and use that content on your social media and other documents that you want to create.

  1.   Website or blog maintenance

If you’re an online business owner with a blog on your website then getting a virtual assistant to help you proofread, upload and share blog posts can be a great way to save time.

  1.  Online file management

Organising files in your cloud storage If you’re busy entrepreneur (who isn’t) that simply save things to your online cloud but doesn’t keep them organized in folders, which leaves you not being able to find things with ease, then having a virtual assistant to organize those online files can save you a lot of frustration.  

  1.  Research

Researching topics and content takes up a lot of time. Virtual assistants are happy to do this and are often skilled researchers.  

  1.  Creating and sending newsletters

Most business owners have a regular newsletter that needs to be sent out for their business. Often this is forgotten or done sporadically as there are more important tasks to handle.  If you have a virtual assistant that makes sure that newsletters are created, scheduled and sent out on time, you can be sure that your clients don’t forget about you.

  1.  Online community management

You have a Facebook group, you have an online Membership, but you are finding it really difficult to keep up with managing that online community AND running your business. Get a virtual assistant to manage your online community and this could actually help you grow your business by keeping your community engaged.

  1.  Personal lifestyle tasks

Many busy entrepreneurs are spending a lot of time building their businesses & some may not have time to run personal errands. No problem! Ask your virtual assistant to shop online or pay your bills. You can even ask them to book cars, travel and shows for you or arrange with your personal stylist to have your clothing delivered at the right time.

These are just ten examples of how a virtual assistant can save you something more valuable than money. Your VA can save you time!


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