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Are you ready to hire a Virtual Assistant

How to tell if you are ready to hire a VA


Do you sometimes feel like you just need a few more extra hours in the day?

Do you wish you had an extra pair of hands to get more done?

Are you struggling to keep up with everything that needs to be done?

If you answered yes to anyone for these questions then you need a virtual assistant.  

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VA’s are there to lighten the load, help with the overwhelm and take chaos to calm. They help you manage your calendar and schedule your social media, but, virtual assistants are also skilled to help you with the more complex side of running a business.

Many VA’s come from an accounting, administrative or creative background. They had full careers before deciding to start their own businesses. Others chose this as a career path early on because they love helping business owners run their businesses.

They attend VA schools and take courses like we offer here at The VA Finishing School plus more technical courses designed for specific programs and tools.  A large majority of virtual assistants have degrees and further invested in advanced courses to increase their skills and knowledge, some are considered experts in certain fields.

There is a virtual assistant for every niche and business category. Any company owner can reach out to a VA at any time and have assistance at their fingertips.   Knowing which VA is right for you will depend on what type of services you need and what the purpose of your business is.


VA’s are generally categorised as follows:

  • General Virtual Assistants
  • Creative Virtual Assistants
  • Marketing Virtual Assistants
  • Tech Virtual Assistants


For those online business owners who not only need to get things done but they also need their team managed you can hire an Online Business Manager to help you streamline teams, projects, systems and processes.


To hire a virtual assistant, click here.


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