Courses & Memberships

Handpicked Courses & Memberships

These courses & memberships will help you get started and grow your virtual assistant business with a full client list and steady income. 

Get booked

GET BOOKED webinar

Have a fully booked list of your ideal clients. This webinar takes you through the steps you need to take and maps out the process in great detail. Comes with materials & webinar notes.

LOADED - The Ultimate Membership For VA's

LOADED - The Ultimate Membership for VA's

This fully LOADED membership is all you need from A-Z to get started, build and grow your virtual assistant business. We focus heavily on client attraction & marketing because that is where VA's need the most help. Weekly group coaching PLUS loads of resources, all our courses, tutorials and masterclasses.

VA Directory

VA Directory & Job Leads Membership

This membership gets you listed in the VA Directory with your profile promoted on our social media and sent out to our business owners list. You also get access to daily job leads, exclusive training and tips inside a closed Facebook group.